31 Bits Partner!

31 Bits Partner!

31 Bits Jewelry will be launching in our October 1st collection!

31 Bits started after a college student went on a mission trip to Uganda and came back with jewelry made from women that were her age.  She sold out of that jewelry immediately.  Three best friends got to thinking about how they could provide stable jobs for women in Uganda and sell cute and ethical jewelry.

"In 2016, we started dreaming again. We realized our customers have the purchasing power to provide dignified job opportunities to artisans all over the globe, and 31 Bits could be the gateway. So we started traveling and building friendships with artisans around the world and eventually found ourselves in Indonesia. We began partnering with different artisan groups, putting a modern spin on their traditional techniques. We introduced intricate brass jewelry followed by woven bags and other accessories."

"In 2008, we were a bunch of carefree 21-year-olds. Today, we have plenty to care about. We believe the products we purchase should be a reflection of our values. We believe businesses should be conscious of both the creator and the consumer. And we believe by partnering with you, our customers, we can change the future of this industry. Thanks for joining us in the journey."

You can always spot their jewelry on Jessica Alba, Sophia Bush, just to name a few.  Below you'll see a sneak peak of a few of the pieces that we will launch October 1st!